Everything You Need to Know About Heartland Pet Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Heartland Pet Insurance

Heartland Pet Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your pet's medical needs, from accident and emergency care to preventive and holistic treatments. Get the protection you need to ensure that your furry friend is taken care of with premiums that are designed to fit any budget!

What is Covered Under Heartland Pet Insurance?

Heartland Pet Insurance offers a range of coverage for both routine and emergency medical care. Core plans provide coverage for accidents and illnesses, as well as preventative care such as vaccinations, flea prevention, deworming, heartworm tests, and annual check-ups. Optional coverages are available to cover the costs of holistic treatments, dental care, behavioral therapy, alternative treatments, and more.

How Much Does Heartland Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance for your pet depends on the type and amount of coverage you select. Depending on the plan, factors such as breed, age, and where you live can impact the premium rate. Other costs may apply, such as a deductible or coinsurance. You may also add optional coverages to your plan for even more comprehensive protection for your pet.

What Types of Payment Options Are Available?

Heartland Pet Insurance offers several payment options, allowing you to choose the right coverage for your budget and lifestyle. We accept monthly bank drafts, credit/debit cards, and full one-time payments. To ensure you get the comprehensive coverage your pet needs without breaking the bank, you can also choose our Flexible Payment Plans which divide your annual premium into monthly installments.

What Veterinary Services Does Heartland Cover?

Heartland Pet Insurance covers a range of veterinary services, including preventative care, accident coverage, illness care, emergency vet visits, and more. We also offer coverage for holistic veterinarian services such as acupuncture and chiropractic care. Our comprehensive plans are designed to ensure your pet receives the best possible medical care in any situation.

Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered by Heartland Pet Insurance?

Yes, Pre-Existing Conditions are covered by Heartland Pet Insurance. For a pre-existing condition to be considered eligible for coverage you must provide documentation of the diagnosis and treatment plan from your veterinarian before the policy start date. We may also require additional information about the condition for us to set up a policy that provides the best care for your pet.

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