How To Make A Birthday Wish on Radio Station

How To Make A Birthday Wish on Radio

All you have to do to give birthday wishes to your loved one's radio station is to get through this post. The present age is very advanced now the use of social media has increased tremendously but before there was a time when radio was the only medium where there was always entertainment and a fun source. No matter how advanced the technology is, there are still some people who find the concept of old methods more interesting and special. Many people still prefer to write a letter rather than a text message or an email. So if your birthday person wishes from a radio station then you become special to that person. And his love for you grows.

How to choose a radio station:

How To Make A Birthday Wish on Radio

Choose a station from all the radio stations in your area. Make sure the person you want to send birthday wishes to is listening to that radio channel. Talk to that person to make sure he or she is listening to the radio channel.

How to contact those radio stations:

Access the websites of the radio station of your choice and get in touch with them. For Example, Radio Mirchi is a Kolkata based station you can contact on their website or you can write a blog about them.

Start creating a "Happy Birthday" song:

You can create a birthday song. If you have any problem then you can take the help of a musician. Then dedicate that song to him through the radio channel.

You can write a birthday paragraph for him:

You can write a birthday paragraph for him. Because many radio programs broadcast birthday wishes through paragraphs. You should not write too many large paragraphs.

You can get free birthday wishes through radio stations: (These are especially required for the event)

This method is quite simple and free if you want to wish your relative, friend or colleague a happy birthday. Many radio programs broadcast birthday wishes every day according to public demand. So follow the social media platforms of those radio stations because they are selected through public comments on those platforms.
Example: (It is a radio station's social media platform)

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