How to Write Letter for Birthday Girl? Birthday Paragraph for Her

How to write letter for birthday girl

If your girlfriend, sister or family is having an upcoming birthday, then writing a letter for her birthday can be a good way because it expresses your love for her. For some, writing a birthday letter can be scary because they don't know what to write. You can get some ideas for a birthday letter from this post. Using this letter, you can express everything you want to say directly from your heart to the birthday person.

In the present era, the flow of letters has decreased a lot and everything has shifted to digital. There are still some people who love to send birthday wishes through letters. Letters are a medium that is our nostalgia. If you write a letter in a very nice way and give it to the birthday person, then the matter becomes very beautiful because it becomes a memory.

Letter for Girlfriend Birthday:

Letter for Girlfriend Birthday
Hello Sweetheart. It’s with great joy seeing you wake up each day, and more so, today is the special day you joined this world. For this reason, I don’t want to waste even a single minute of this beautiful day and want to dedicate all of it to show you how much I value and cherish having you in my life. You’re no doubt heaven-sent and the perfect gift for me.

All I want to see today is your lovely smile because when you do, my heart simmers with joy. I pray to the Lord you always get His blessings and offer me the chance to be by your side in all places and times. Have a lovely day, my love.
To: Maria, my great and only love

Love of my life 💟:

Although in any case, I plan to give you an affectionate greeting when I see you, I wanted to advance my words and go on wishing you a very happy birthday from now on, my love.

I may forget some important dates of the year, but I would never forget this because it is the day that God allowed you to come to this world. Thanks to a day like this, I can smile so much because you are the source of all my joy.

You are my dream come true, and you are the one who compliments my life and who motivates me to keep going. You renew my hopes and my strength every time I decline, and you make the good times end up being perfect.

Today on your birthday, I would like to give you my life, which is the most valuable thing I can offer you, but I cannot because I already gave it to you the day I met you.

Of the man who loves you madly and forever

How to Write Letter for Birthday Girl?
Dear Suparna,

Firstly, let me wish you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart. I feel that we should have been together today. Though we are far away, our hearts will be intertwined until our last breathe. I am sorry that I couldn’t be there with you, but you should know that I miss you immensely.

I still remember your 23rd birthday five years ago when we were newly engaged. It was the happiest moment of my life. I was thinking of celebrating your birthday at Café Coffee Day, where we met for the first time, but sadly, it won’t be possible this year. But don’t worry, we can always celebrate later, in the same place. I have a gift for you, but it is a surprise. I hope you love the gift!

With lots of love,

Your Deep
Dear Sweet Cakes,

In the past, I always knew I was missing a very precious thing but never knew exactly what it was. Yes, I knew it was love-related, and I knew my heart was yearning for a significant other. However, I thought it was just a general case of loneliness that would be cured with hugs, kisses and Valentine’s Day cards. Never in a million years did I suspect that rather my heart would become so intertwined with yours – that you would become such an important part of my life to the point where my entire world would shift as a result of loving you.


Sample Birthday Invitation Letter:

Dear Prasanta,

I hope you’re doing great. I am writing you this letter as a formal invitation to my birthday party, which will be held this weekend. This small party will be at my place, and I’ve only invited a handful of my closest friends and family. The date of the birthday party will be May 28th, 2021, from 7 PM. I will be honoured if you took your time to join me as I celebrate this new fete in my life.

Hoping to see you soon, and expect you to come along with your family and know your presence will be very special to me. The party’s schedule with the address is attached to the letter.




Sample of Birthday Letter To A Daughter:

Dear Aahana,

The happiest of birthdays to our dearest. My child, you have turned 22 today, and with each passing year, you have only made us more proud. How I wish we could be there to celebrate your special day with you.

It’s unbelievable that today you have turned 22 years. I was reminiscing about your childhood days, and now my baby has turned into a pretty woman. Remember how nervous you used to get before every math exam? Daddy used to make it go away by bringing home your favourite chocolates. However, old children grow, they always remain small kids for their parents, and hence you are still our baby. You have always been a good and caring girl; you have made us feel proud of you. You have always been our support.

I hope that you have the best of life and face all your problems with great courage. I wish you all the love and luck and may god get you all that you want in life. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a good one.

With love,


Letter for Sister Birthday:

Sample Birthday Invitation Letter
My Dear Sister,

As I wish you a happy birthday, it’s still hard for me to believe that my sweet small sister is turning ten years today. And even though you’re quickly getting older, to me, you’ll always be a sweet little kid.

While this is a special day for you, it’s also a special day for me. I have organized a surprise birthday party, and mom and I have invited your friends from school and the neighbourhood.

I’ll do my best to ensure that this day will be memorable to you.

Yours lovingly,

Mr Deep.

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