10 Best new year resolution for 2021 | It will change your life

Best new year's resolution ideas 2021 | It will change your life

A new year is like a new empty diary. And to write something in that diary, you always have a pen in your hand. It's up to you what you write in that diary throughout the year. And at the end of the year, that diary remains a chapter in your life. Which went on again this year, and I don't know how many more years have gone by. But your lifestyle remains the same today. But in this same period, some have achieved them.  Which you are still thinking of achieving. He can do it but you can't do it because you are still carrying a deadly virus inside you and that is your laziness.

If you follow any of the following three resolutions, you can see for yourself how much success you are making. A study found that only 20 per cent of people follow it until February.  Then they let it go. Then out of that 20 per cent, only 8 per cent of people make it a complete success. They cannot complete these for various reasons, such as not arranging their daily routine properly or not setting proper mind. Let's start anew this year, friend just 365 days.

1. Full Body work-out:

Friends we all want a healthy body but we can achieve it only if we do some little exercise every day.  But many people do not achieve it for two different reasons, one is laziness and the other is not having time in their hands. There can also be various reasons. This achievement will bring you a lot of improvements that you may not have even imagined yourself. The main improvement that you will have is that if you follow it regularly, you will generate energy from within that will keep you ahead of everything. You will feel a little different from ordinary people. It should be observed by both the boy and the girl and it should be done as a target. If you think that I will do this for a month and then give up, I will say that you do not need to do this. You make a daily routine where you will spend only one hour a day on it.

2. Stop watching the wrong video:

Friends, because the internet is becoming easier to use day by day, we are busy doing the wrong things. Be it social media or watching bad videos. By saying bad video, you all understand what is being said here. Children between the ages of 16 and 24 are more affected, especially boys. If you are turn off the notifications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram App, then you will see that your addiction is slowly disappearing. That was one reason. Addiction to watching this bad video is more harmful to your brain and body than game addiction. As long as you stay connected with these, negative thoughts will work in you. Friends, when you see these, you start thinking of a virtual world as the real world. This causes you a lot of damage and you don't understand it. Friends, let's swear from the new year that we will stop watching all these bad videos.

3. Walk up in Brahmuhurta:

Brahma muhurt is a period which starts at 04:24 a.m local time & ends at 5:12 a.m. From this time your day should start.  Because at this time a different feeling is created in people which you cannot feel until you are doing it. You can find out more about it in Wikipedia. This is the best time to meditate. During this time you will be able to calm down and be connected with nature also you will be able to take in fresh oxygen.

4. Plan your day early:

Friends, you start planning early in the day and write it down then get it done. Friends, when it becomes your habit, you will feel that every day of the year is important. When we work we forget what we will do next and that is why it is so important to write them down. This will make every day of the year seem important to you.

5. Avoid all bad habits:

Friends let us swear from today that in the new year we will avoid all our bad habits. To say bad habits can be any bad habit like cigarette-alcohol etc. Try to give them up slowly. We all know that these are extremely harmful to us physically and mentally and to the detriment of all the friends and family around us. We all know that these are extremely harmful to us physically and mentally and to the detriment of all the friends and family around us. If you love your life and love your family, you should quit smoking this year. This task is very difficult but you have to do it cleverly. If you have a habit of these, you should try to get rid of them slowly. Then one day you will see that you have got rid of these.

6. Learn a new skill:

You can learn a new skill in 365 days. You have a lot of time to learn a new skill in the new year. You can learn things that you haven't learned, such as driving or coding, or anything else. You start learning it every day in a short time. This will prove that you can do everything.

7. One book/ month:

We all know how much we benefit from reading books as our knowledge increases and our brain improves. But the way we read books this time will be a little different because we have to set a goal to finish a book in a month. But we should not read useless books but we should read some quality books which will be effective in our future and the workplace. It is said that books can unlock the human brain.

8. Travel alone:

Friends, do you go somewhere alone? If you are not travelling alone, I would tell you to make a complete decision from today that you will go out to visit alone occasionally in the new year. If you are young then you must go with the permission of your parents. The main purpose of your trip alone is to get to know and understand yourself better. Realize the fun of walking alone. Yes, it will be a little difficult at first but then it will be fine. This will create self-reliance and self-confidence.

9. Cooking:

You can improve your cooking skills. You try to learn something new every month. You can learn how to make new food online. Try to make the food healthy so that the body of the person in your family stays healthy. But for this, you need to set a goal that is to learn to make at least four new foods a month.

10. Help Secretly:

Lastly, resolution 10 is to help any poor person. We need to help those who are going through hardships. However, there is a condition that photos or videos of the person you are helping cannot be shared on social media. It will make you look like a better person than ordinary people.

*You can achieve all the above resolutions if you want, if you really need to do these.

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